Part 1: Discovery

NOTE: Many times the sale is won and lost in discovery. If you are uncovering objections at the end of the presentation, they are harder to address because there is more sales pressure. Discovery is the time to get everything on the table.

Important lines

Trial Close: You want to have this part word for word.

If there was a program where you could go solar now and YAY (all the stuff they want) without BOO would that help you?

Don’t move on unless they say yes. Ask what is missing, and then re-ask the question. If they don’t say yes here, they definitely won’t say yes at the end!

Post Trial Close: You want to have this part word for word.

Well, I’m not sure what we can do yet, we work with several different programs, we would need to see what your house qualifies for…

So if you like, what we could do is… I can give you some education about how solar works, see if there is a program that might be a good fit for you, then give you an opportunity to qualify

… And then we can take it from there. Does that sound good?


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Part 1: Discovery (BONUS)


Part 1: Discovery Breakdown