Part 9: Batteries

[important] if you are not in california you can skip the part about NBC’s. You will also want to check with the utility company to ask what the monthly connection fee (grid access fee) is.

NOTE: Sometimes batteries are a good choice. However they add time to projects. They complicate installs. And frankly, battery technology isn’t there yet. They need to be replaced too often. The goal of this section is to show the homeowner that batteries aren’t a viable option. It’s also to justify the “grid access fee”

Important lines

Grid Access: Even if this works perfectly, you are still going to get a bill. PGE owns the power lines, and they are like your partner in this deal.

Batteries: So we are talking about $80,000 in batteries. So instead of that we are going to just pay $10 to connect to the grid. Is that better?

NBCs: [California Only] (it’s important to do the math. Take their yearly usage. Multiply by 0.2, then multiply by 0.02. That will tell you their estimated yearly NBC’s)

NBCs: [California Only] If you got to choose your bill for the next 10 years, which one would you pick?


Part 9: Batteries Breakdown