Net Metering

Part 8: Net Metering

[important] work with your trainers. Check with the utility company or the freedom market guide to see how net metering works in your area. It is different from utility to utility.

Important lines

Already Paying: So what I want you to see here is that you are already paying for solar, you are just paying too much for it.

(this is powerful psychology because it shows them they are paying for solar either way)

Excess Usage: What happens if you use 10,500? What do you think happens then?

(It’s important for them to understand that Guaranteed Production means we reimburse them if the system underproduces. It doesn’t cover them using more energy)

Doesn’t Matter: (it’s important that they acknowledge that nothing changes. If they use more energy right now their bill goes up too. That doesn’t change)

Minus Sign: (if you are showing them a real bill or an example of a house with solar, make sure you point out when there is a credit. Sometimes it says “CR” or shows a negative balance. Don’t assume they know what that means)


Part 8: Net Metering Breakdown