Home Automation

The next three sections are about Net Zero Home.

It’s important that we are not positioning ourselves as “solar with an alarm”. They need to understand that it’s a fully integrated product.

You don’t want to position Apricot as a “solar company that is different”. You want to position yourself as Net Zero Home.


Part 7: Home Automation

NOTE: In this section we explain some of the comforts that come with home automation. We also have one of the most important lines in the presentation (utility, solar, or Net Zero Home)

Important lines

Easy Life: True Home Automation to make your life easier

Choose: If all three options cost the same, and you got to choose, which are you picking? Utility company, Generic Solar, or Net Zero Home?

Why Though?: (this is the most important question. It doesn’t matter what you say, it only matters what they say. This is an important moment because we give the homeowner the chance to sell us on why Net Zero Home.

Net Zero: The only place to get net zero home is through Freedom Forever.

Reviews: The goal of this section is to put negative reviews into context, and to address a concern before it arises.

Part 7: Home Automation Breakdown