Guaranteed Productioon

The next three sections are about Net Zero Home.

It’s important that we are not positioning ourselves as “solar with an alarm”. They need to understand that it’s a fully integrated product.

You don’t want to position Apricot as a “solar company that is different”. You want to position yourself as Net Zero Home.

Part 6: Guaranteed Production

NOTE: We talk here about the difference between “Estimated Production” and “Guaranteed Production”. With most solar companies once the system goes on the roof its the homeowners problem. Guaranteed Production is an important component of Net Zero Home.

Important lines

How Do You Know: How do you know the system is actually going to produce that?

(They need to tell you that they don’t know)

Working Perfectly: Great news, everything is working perfectly. [HARD PAUSE]

(This is a section where we want to bring out emotion as well. We want them to visualize what it’s going to be like in a year from now if their solar system doesn’t produce properly)

As Per The Agreement: (we reimburse homeowners for lost kWh. That’s different than paying their bill. We pay a set price for the lost kWh, so it’s important to use specific language here)

How Would You Feel: (We ask this twice. Make sure you use the word FEEL)

Buffer: (Make sure you don’t forget to mention the 5-7% buffer!)


Part 6: Guaranteed Production Breakdown