Predictable Usage

The next three sections are about Net Zero Home.

It’s important that we are not positioning ourselves as “solar with an alarm”. They need to understand that it’s a fully integrated product.

You don’t want to position Apricot as a “solar company that is different”. You want to position yourself as Net Zero Home.

Part 5: Predictable Usage

NOTE: This is where we talk about the difference between “generic solar” and Net Zero Home. If you do a great job at this part you won’t have homeowners “shopping” around getting quotes from 10 companies.

Important lines

Net Zero Home: Do you know the difference between solar and Net Zero Home?

(In this section you are positioning yourself as something different)

As Long As: As long as those three things line up, solar is great [Pause]

(Here you are creating doubt in their mind about what happens if they choose a solar company instead of Net Zero Home)

Fully Integrated System: You have a fully integrated system that shows you how much energy you are using, and how much your solar system is producing.

(Without these words, the homeowner can just get solar with an alarm)


Part 5: Predictable Usage Breakdown