Solar Six


Part 4: Solar Six

NOTE: This is the first section where we really explain what the homeowner gets. Many homeowners think there will be upfront costs, or that they will get two bills. This section is to educate and bust some myths.

Important lines

No Upfront Cost: We aren’t going to come back and ding you $500 for this, or $200 for that. The permits, site survey, everything. There are no out of pocket costs.

Tax Credit Incentive: [In this section it’s important that you ask about their taxable income. If they don’t have any you may want to pivot to SunRun]

Just Pay Monthly: [Many people think they will have a solar payment and their electric payment will stay the same. Our job is to help them understand they are switching one payment for another one. Like switching from a rent payment to a mortgage payment]

Never Goes Up: Even if your solar payment was the same as your electric payment, you would still be winning right? Because it never goes up. (this is powerful. If they say yes to this then it doesn’t matter how much savings you show at the end)


Part 4: Solar Six Breakdown