Kill the Bill

Part 3: Kill the Bill

NOTE: The goal of kill the bill is to illustrate three things.

  1. The way the utility bills is crazy
  2. The prices keep going up
  3. It’s not within their control

Important lines

Gas Station: Would you let the gas station attendant get away with that? [wait for answer]

But why do you let the utility company get away with it?

Rising Prices: When they raised the prices last time did they call you and ask you first? (this illustrates that price increases are not in their control, and emphasizes the cost of inaction)

Silly Question: And this might seem like a silly question, but why haven’t you done anything about this yet?

This question takes the pressure off of you. It’s not you selling them. They have to explain why they haven’t taken action YET.


[note] if you are not in california watch the video below. There are three main ways to kill the bill, which will depend on how the utility company bills the homeowner.


Part 3: Kill the Bill (Bonus)

Part 3: Kill the Bill Breakdown